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Tayto Park

Tayto Park Coach Hire Dublin

When I was a young spud, fresh out of the ground, I always dreamt of one day opening my very own park; full of all of my favourite things; good craic, good grub, adventure, nature, animals, a few surprises and of course… you, the Tayto eaters of this great Nation!

So come to Meath and join me in Tayto Park for bags of adventure and where the flavour is always fun!
Now you might be wondering where I got my love for everything Native American. Well, it all began during my wanderlust years, when I travelled the globe in search of exotic crisp flavours to bring back to the Tayto factory.
The Native American’s have a great respect for nature and a real understanding of the earth and coming from the earth myself, we became kindred spuds! I also discovered that they invented Popcorn, so we even had a love of snacks in common! They welcomed me like one of their own, and to the Sioux tribe I am known as The Big Man Inside the Jacket.
I travelled all over the continent of the Americas and stayed with many different tribes, soaking up their traditions and culture. Over the years I’ve kept in touch with all of my tribal friends, often exchanging gifts. I’d regularly send over Tayto crisps and you should have seen the face on the postman when they began to send Totem Poles and Tipi’s back.

So what you see in Tayto Park today is a little flavour of the life and culture of our tribal friends from America; from the master craftsmanship of the Totem Poles, the ingenuity of the Tipi’s to the spirit of their native animals. And as Big Chief Running Water once said to me; ‘Don’t hang around the wrong end of a buffalo!’ Wise words indeed!
See what’s going on inside each one of the six giant Tipi’s and have your photo taken beside a colossal Totem Poles.
Don’t leave without having your picture taken with me!

If you need Coach Hire Dublin to get you to Tayto park then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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